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The Gilmore Family
106th Homeowner

When asked what she is most looking forward to about being a Habitat Homeowner, Kathryn says, “After many years, I’m excited to have a safe, stable place to live and provide for my son. I’m excited for a space that is our very own.”


The Fowler Family
105th Homeowner

As the inaugural homeowner of Lawrence Habitat’s moderate-income housing in Eudora, Madison is ready to establish roots for her family with a yard, a driveway, privacy and all the benefits homeownership can offer.

The Ready Family
104th Homeowner

After an early life filled with chaos and obstacles, Sarah Ready, Lawrence Habitat’s #104 Homebuilder, is just like her name, “ready” to take on whatever life throws at her.



The Waugh Family
103rd Homeowners

For Travis and Whitney Waugh and their three young boys, who lived in a small, crowded apartment, owning their own home is very exciting. As a family, they're thrilled that a house will give them more space--especially a yard where their kids can play.


The Patterson Family
102nd Homeowner

Haley and her family have lived in Lawrence for a little over five years and have only glowing things to say about the area. “We absolutely love this town and the schools,” she says.


The Foster Family
101st Homeowner

Georgia says that homeownership has been nothing but a dream most of her life. “I never thought it would happen for me and my daughters,” she says. “I cannot describe how proud I am to be selected by Lawrence Habitat.

The Hale Family
100th Homeowner

With the assistance of the Lawrence Housing Authority, Autumn learned about Lawrence Habitat for Humanity, and after much thought decided to apply. “I decided I would apply for a Habitat home and get familiar with the process and people, thinking I probably would not get accepted now, but would keep trying in the future,” she says


The Little Family
99th Homeowner

Earnestine is a mother of four daughters and says that there has always been one missing piece in their lives. “We do not have a home to call our own,” she says, “a place where we do not have to move from, where we can finally unpack and paint a wall, some place we can put our mark on it.”

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